‘The 1820s: Innovation and Diffusion’ will take place in the Wolfson Medical School Building at the University of Glasgow.  It will begin on the morning of Thursday April 11th 2019 (with registration taking place between 9am and 10am) and will conclude in the late afternoon of Friday April 12th (at 5pm).

Registration is being handled through this Eventbrite page.

The deadline was April 4th (to allow for final catering arrangements to be made).  If you need to register late, please contact the organisers on 1820sconference@gmail.com.

The registration fee (which includes lunches and tea) is £85 for those in a full-time, permanent academic post or equivalent employment and £60 for others (including doctoral researchers and early career scholars).  The conference dinner on the Thursday night at Balbir’s is £35 extra.

The current version of the programme is below (along with a .pdf version that can be downloaded).  This remains subject to change at this point, but should give a good idea of the conference topics and timings.

The 1820s – Innovation and Diffusion Programme – 5 Apr 19

‘The 1820s: Innovation and Diffusion’ – Programme

Thursday April 11th

9am-10am – Registration (Wolfson Medical Building Atrium)

10am – Welcome and Keywords Panel (Yudowitz Room)

  • Power – Jon Mee (University of York)
  • Proliferation – Matthew Sangster (University of Glasgow)
  • Settlement – Porscha Fermanis (University College Dublin)
  • Doubt – David Stewart (Northumbria University)

10:30am – Panel 1: Parallel Sessions

1A: Emigration in Print (Chair: Porscha Fermanis – Yudowitz Room)

  • The Poyais Bubble and the Literature of Emigration – Honor Rieley (University of Glasgow)
  • ‘Vast pulsations’: New South Wales in the London Magazine, 1820-25 – Gillian Russell (University of York)

1B: Through Modern Prisms (Chair: Matthew Sangster – Gannochy Room)

  • Innovative Judgment: The Public Performance of Singularity – Ruth Kellar (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Old Images, New Light: Lithophanes in the 1820s – Sammi Scott (University of York)

11.30am – Tea (Wolfson Medical Building Atrium)

12pm – Panel 2: Parallel Sessions

2A: An Age of Reform (Chair: Jon Mee – Yudowitz Room)

  • ‘Re-Forming Mankind’: Owenite Pedagogy in the 1820s – Silvia Mergenthal and Hope Läubli (University of Konstanz)
  • Jeremy Bentham Confronting Robert Peel’s Penal Reform – Cheng Li (University of York)
  • The 1820s: Age of Evidence – Geoffrey Baker (Yale-NUS College)

2B: Metropolitan Sound and Vision (Chair: Charlotte May – Gannochy Room)

  • ‘Characteristic of Metropolitan activity, commerce, and opulence’: Representing London in the 1820s – Alison O’Byrne (University of York)
  • On Tongues and Ears: Divine Voices in the Modern Metropolis – James Grande (King’s College London)
  • Paul Pry and Elizabeth Fry: Inspection and Spectatorship in the Social Theatre of the 1820s – Sara Lodge (University of St Andrews)

1:30pm – Lunch (Wolfson Medical Building Atrium)

2:30pm – Panel 3: Parallel Sessions

3A: Cultural Mediation in Late-Romantic Periodicals (Chair: Tom Mole – Yudowitz Room)

  • Letters from Anywhere: Late-Romantic Letters Crossing Borders in the New Monthly Magazine, Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, and the London Magazine – Ernest De Clerck (University of Leuven)
  • ‘The Beginning of a New Revelation’: Carlyle’s Late-Romantic Early Essays in the London Magazine, the Foreign Review, and the Edinburgh Review – Tom Toremans (University of Leuven)

3B: Publishing and Reading in Scotland (Chair: Graham Hogg – Gannochy Room)

  • Provincial Newsprint in Peacetime: The Dumfries and Galloway Courier, 1822 – Gerard Lee McKeever (University of Glasgow)
  • Tourists and Water-Drinkers in the Leighton Library – Katie Halsey (University of Stirling)
  • Satire and Modernity in the Glasgow Looking Glass – Danielle Schwertner (University of Glasgow)

4pm – Tea (Wolfson Medical Building Atrium)

4:30pm – Panel 4: Parallel Sessions

4A: Networked Science and Technology (Chair: Tom Toremans – Yudowitz Room)

  • Poetry and Science: The Culture of Enquiry and Dialogic Form in the 1790s and 1820s — Coleridge, Wordsworth, Davy, Southey – Tim Fulford (De Montfort University)
  • Re-Picturing Science for the People: The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge and the Revolution in Scientific Illustration – Jonathan R. Topham (University of Leeds)
  • ‘What Hath God Wrought?’: Discourse Network 1820 (Telegraph, Camera, Railroad) – Daniel Adleman (Innis College, University of Toronto)

4B: Fads, Fashions and Reproduction (Chair: David Stewart – Gannochy Room)

  • Mechanical Reproduction, Commodity, and the Gift-Annual Aesthetic – Clara Dawson (University of Manchester)
  • Counting the Forks: Approaching Silver Fork Novels using Close and Distant Reading – Kraig Brown (University of Glasgow)
  • The 1820s and Mermaid Mania – Katie Garner (University of St Andrews)

6pm – Short Break

6:15pm – Plenary 1: Ian Duncan (University of California, Berkeley – Chair: Jon Mee – Yudowitz Room)

  • Out of Time: History, Anachronism, Fiction

7:30pm – Close

8pm – Conference Dinner (Balbir’s, 7 Church Street)

Friday April 12th

9am – Building opens

9:30am – Panel 5: Parallel Sessions

5A: Representation and the People (Chair: Jon Mee – Yudowitz Room)

  • Feeding the 1820s: Bread, Beer and Anxiety – Lindsay Middleton (University of Glasgow)
  • Climbing Boys and Humming Birds: Literary Philanthropy in the Prefaces of The Humming Bird and The Chimney-Sweeper’s Friend and Climbing Boy’s Album – John Cammish (University of Nottingham)
  • A Middle-Class Media Revolution and the Decline of Working-Class Projection – Phillip Roberts (University of York)

5B: In and Out of Place (Chair: David Stewart – Gannochy Room)

  • Charles Lamb’s ‘The Superannuated Man’ — Innovative Obsolescence – Daniel Jenkin-Smith (Aston University)
  • Thomas Campbell and the ‘authorless’ New Monthly Magazine – Amy Wilcockson (University of Nottingham)
  • Scott and Wordsworth v. Byron— “Mobilité” in Don Juan – Joan Garden Cooper (University of Denver)

11am – Tea (Wolfson Medical Building Atrium)

11:30am – Panel 6: Parallel Sessions

6A: Acts and Faith (Chair: Katie Halsey – Yudowitz Room)

  • Romantic Modernities and 1820s Millennialism – Gary Kelly (University of Alberta)
  • Reading Shortshanks’ ‘The March of Intellect’ through the Lens of Daniel: A Reinterpretation – Helen-Frances Dessain (Independent)

6B: Connecting the World (Chair: Porscha Fermanis – Gannochy Room)

  • ‘Silenced, yet indispensable, actors’: David Bailie Warden (1772-1845), Transatlantic Cultural Mediator – Jennifer Orr (Newcastle University)
  • ‘A moral view of China’: Thomas Manning, the Periodical Press, and Cultural Mediation – Jim Watt (University of York)

12:30pm – Lunch (Wolfson Medical Building Atrium)

1:30pm – Panel 7: Parallel Sessions

7A: European Style (Chair: Honor Rieley – Yudowitz Room)

  • Translating the Gordian Knot: The Cravat as Symbol of Anglo-French Relations in the 1820s – James Thomas (Independent)
  • Literary and Journalistic Petit Goût: Little and Ephemeral Literary Forms in the European Press of the 1820s – Tomasz Jędrzejewski (University of Warsaw)
  • Samuel Rogers and the 1820s: The Publication and Re-Publication of Italy – Charlotte May (University of Nottingham)

7B: Literature in Retrospect (Chair: Matthew Sangster – Gannochy Room)

  • Romantic Magazines and Posthumous Celebrity – Josefina Tuominen-Pope (University of Zürich)
  • The 1820s and the Death of Literature – Brecht de Groote (University of Leuven)
  • Literary Reminiscences and the Surplus Value of Canonical Minority – Christine Woody (Mercy College)

3pm – Tea (Wolfson Medical Building Atrium)

3:30pm – Plenary 2: Angela Esterhammer (University of Toronto – Chair: Matthew Sangster – Yudowitz Room)

  • Truth, Speculation, and Performance: Sayings and Doings in the 1820s

4:45pm – Closing Remarks

5pm – End of Conference